Three classic Gucci bags to invest in for that Old Money look

With a long heritage stretching back more than a century to 1921, Gucci has a lot of history to explore. Even better, it’s the type of label that’s been popular for decades with the global jet set and Old Money from Europe to Asia.

If you’d like to blend in with that crowd, there’s plenty of quality vintage Gucci floating around waiting to be snapped up. But which design to choose out of the thousands which have come and gone over the years? After all, a quality designer handbag isn’t just a financial investment – it’s also an aesthetic one, since taste appreciates just like money.

Here are three classic Gucci bags that will instantly signal your credentials are impeccable.

Horsebit 1955 Chain Leather Handbag

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Tom Ford’s tenure at Gucci in the 1990s and early 2000s has rightly entered fashion mythology and he produced plenty of accessories with staying power. With a supersized silver horsebit across the front, this bag is the ultimate vintage investment.

Supposedly, real insiders carry it with their hands tucked through the metal fitting across the front but we’d say carry it however is most comfortable.

Lady Lock Leather Tote

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This bag has the twin advantages of timelessness and (if that’s your style) true discretion, because only a keen-eyed observer will recognize it as a Gucci. If you’re going for the quiet luxury vibe, this bag is the perfect accessory.

Crocodile Bamboo Bag

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An original from Tom Ford’s debut collection for Gucci in 1995, this crocodile handbag features a bamboo handle and a subtly sexy voluptuousness. It is a true collectors item (reflected in its fairly steep price!).

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Written and researched by QVDN staff